Vision & Mission


 To educate each and every student, because every student has 'Right to Education' and we at AEIPRO are trying to contribute in this  at the most possible level as we can. 

  Aeipro Distance Education 

  •  We are providing this platforms for Competitive Distance Education and Teaching .to  Independent Educators, Coaching/Institutes, Schools and Colleges who are making an effort to educate students , so that while teaching them , their parent should pay for the Best Teaching from the Best Teachers of the Country.
  •  We are Thankful to All the Associates ( Distributors of the Books , Publishers of the K-12 Books, ) Who are Helping us to provide the Best Teaching Platform , Where Learners are getting the Best Teaching Resources in affordable PRICE
  •  We are also grateful to all The Teachers Fraternity , Who are Giving their BEST time., Despite Being Engaged in hectic Schedule , Teaching in Institute and then providing Distance Education to Students PAN INDIA.
  • We  also provide subject books from our list of packages to help teachers , students for learning .Presently available  for  kindergarten to class VIIIth only  

". Being a tutor is not just about being intelligent; it’s about adapting ourselves to the learning style of each unique student, to foster smarter learning habits so that you can maximize your grades."

 E-Book Publishing  For Teachers and Schools

 In 2021  blended learning and eLearning will play  a significant  role in school education with use of printed academic books and e-books . So we are here to provide our services in best possible manner.  We encourage Teachers and Schools to develop their own e-Books which will be available to students , readers with maximum revenue sharing with the Authors .

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