Be an Author to develop  eBooks/Printed Text Books with Aeipro Publishing, and reach millions of students .

  Dear Teachers/Authors…  Aeipro Books Pvt. Ltd. is looking for Authors to publish books on various school subjects.The Organization will provide Best Profits/Royalties on each book sales written by the Authors

 The Company presently cater to PAN INDIA schools with services /workshops/activities like : Astronomy Education Shows , Books Distribution , Workshops organization on Career Counselling,Teaching Methodology , Events etc…Our Mission is to come up with all subjects books ,Market them to Schools/College and Publish them on Digital and Printed Version.

The Titles/Subjects which we are publishing are  : Coding ,Mathematics ,English,Hindi , Urdu , Sanskrit , Regional Languages ,  General Knowledge , Art and Craft , Value Education, Physical Education , Cursive Writing, Supplementary Reading , Classic Stories , Religious/Mythological Stories, Science , Social Sciences , Environmental Studies , Computer Science , Coding , Kindergarten Books , Worksheets , Term Books , Semester Books , Biographies , Child Safety , Astronomy Education, Literature , Picture Dictionaries for KIDS etc..

Benefits with Aeipro’s

Marketing of  the books will be done by Aeipro ( E-Marketing and Physical Marketing by our representative).Royalty and Profit Sharing from 40% to 60% ( On E-Books) 20% on Print Edition.

Our Publishing Expert will help you in developing manuscript , embedding Videos and Audios in Books , Cover Designing etc.

Why Aeipro Books

 Get to market fast. E-Publishing takes less time  and the book appears on Aeipro App and Web worldwide.

Aeipro’s Vast network of Sales Team directly promote books to schools , It is easier for an author to get recommendation to existing Customers.  

The New Education Policy recommends Mother tongue as medium of instruction.Our Bilingual Books with Digital Learning  integration is bridging the gap. 

  Get started today! 

Aeipro Publishing  :  Do you want to get your book published at a young age? Are you an aspiring writer, even though you're still teaching in a school and want simultaneously to get your own books published ? Don't worry there are a lot which we are providing in Aeipro Publishing  program! If you want to write a book now, even if you think you might be a bit young to do it, We are there to help You. Contact Us for more details. 

 Aeipro's  E-Books - The Future of Learning

Interactive eBook (videos- Audio -Lectures Embed & Bilingual)

Currently, ebooks are boring as they are almost exclusive, except for the cover image, Black text on a White background.

Aeipro believes that an eBooks is not  just a copy of a book in electronic form, and therefore must look as much like a book as possible with Videos, Lectures and Audio embedded in it .Our E-Books are continuously developing and moving away from the book by using Images, interactivity, and as it will become less of a book and more of an APP. It will become shareable, social, and flexible on devices such as the iPad, smartphones, phablets,all capable of delivering rich, colorful interactive displays.

How to Publish


Finish putting your knowledge into words in any electronic format and reach out to us.


Our Publishing Consultants will be in touch with you  and help you to resolve publishing related queries


When  you’re satisfied with your publishing queries on pricing ,cover, title name  etc.venture ahead towards the e-publishing of your book.Sign the contract papers,for E-Books and Printed Version. Once done ,Start the Journey of Growth and Income with us

Wondering...How much will it cost?

Aeipro’s Publishing Cost you nothing,Yes… Its 100% Free.

The Company only Charges Rs 2000/-per book towards designing ,development and operational Charges. That’s because if  an author for any  reason unassimilated,Company’s expenses on service provided to that Author will be met out.

Example:If anAuthor writes books for Classes 1-8 , Author has to pay Rs 16,000 to company,But they need to pay only Rs 2,000 /- as Registration and later the difference amount will be adjusted from profit /Royalty of Author(s).

Support Provided: An Author Can select Books worth Rs 2,000/- from our package list  Especially for the subjects he/she is interested to write Books . It will be dispatched to Authors . The Author Can select package books @Rs 2000/- for each book publishing Program...Feel Free to reach us for any query!!

 HOW it will generate Income (For Reference Purpose -Based on Two Subjects at Two Schools for 1920 students)

Example 1 - E-Book for General Knowledge (Bilingual) As Per New Education Policy

Name o the Title-Part Number of pages Rs Number of Students Sales Generated *Expenses *Other Expenses Author Royalty/Profit
E-Book for General Knowledge -1 64 50 50 2500 1250 125 Rs.1125
E-Book for General Knowledge -2 64 50 55 2750 1375 137.5     Rs.1237.5
E-Book for General Knowledge -3 64 50 55 2750 1375 137.5     Rs.1237.5
E-Book for General Knowledge -4 64 50 55 2750 1375 137.5   Rs1237.5
E-Book for General Knowledge -5 64 50 60 3000 1500 150  Rs.1350
E-Book for General Knowledge -6 64 50 65 3250 1625 162.5     Rs.1462.5
E-Book for General Knowledge -7 64 50 90 4500 2250 225  Rs.2025
E-Book for General Knowledge -8 64 50 90 4500 2250 225 Rs.2025
 Total   400 520 26000 13000 1300   Rs.11700

 Example 2 - E-Book for Coding (Bilingual) As Per New Education Policy

Name of the Title-Part - Class number of pages Rs Number of Students Sales Generated expenses other expenses Author Royalty/Profit
 Coding For Kids -1  class 6 64 80 200 16000 8000 80 Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -2  class 7 64 80 200 16000 8000 80  Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -3   class 8 64 80 200 16000 8000 80  Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -4 class 9 64 80 200 16000 8000 80  Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -5 class 10 64 80 200 16000 8000 80  Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -6A  class 11 64 80 200 16000 8000 80  Rs.7920
 Coding For Kids -6B  class 12 64 80 200 16000 8000 80 Rs 7920
Total   560 1400 112000 56000 560 Rs55440

*After deducting  all the expenses includes  Marketing , Affiliates and other.

The Author's Nett Income from Aeipro's Publsihisng Program will be Rs 67140 with Two Subjects from Two Schools

Interested...We’d love to hear you, Drop us a note HERE and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.