What We Do


We Proudly connect Teachers  from across the Country to become a Proud Member of AEIPRO Distance Education Program where we are committed to provide them the Teaching Opportunity  in the form of Our Distance Education .

We Provide the Best Teaching Resources as package of subject books to Teachers , Connect Learner with them where they can share the Study Material

Aeipro Self Publishing Text Books for Teachers/Authors

We encourage schools/ teachers to publish their own school text books , general books as:

BY 2021 February it is expected to reach 2 lakh cases per day and schools /educational institute might prefer to study from home 

In Mid 2021 , when new academic session will start , most of the National, International publishers will be affected in delivering of printed books to schools booksellers , distributors

The Education Ministry is also encouraging use of Digital Education and making online education as an essential part of academics.

Everyone is financially affected because of COVID-19 and Parent /Buyer will prefer cost effective courses , hence interactive  E-books will play an important role in coming days


 Aeipro Astronomy Education at School : Education is important to astronomy as it impacts both the recruitment of future astronomers and the appreciation of astronomy by citizens and politicians who support astronomical research. Astronomy has been taught throughout much of recorded human history, and has practical application in timekeeping and navigation. Teaching astronomy contributes to an understanding of physics and the origin of the world around us, a shared cultural background, and a sense of wonder and exploration. Aeipro Astronomy  Education provides Planetarium Shows of different age level using Mobile Planetarium , books, and instructive presentations.  We Conduct Age wise , Class Wise , Astronomy Shows at Schools using Our Mobile Planetarium and Fish- Eye Projectors .

Aeipro Astronomy Education will provide Astronomy Shows in school campus itself to foster learning skills to students , We will provide the show only at the price which any FIXED PLANETARIUM in INDIA charges . This offer will be available only for the affiliated schools who join hands with AEIPRO .  Reach us to know more